During Week 7 of this Term, the Phoenix Connect team took 87 of our Year 9 students on a three-day camp to Roses Gap. The camp forms a significant part of the curriculum for the Phoenix Connect program and allows students to form connections with their classmates and develop their communication and team work skills.

Over the course of the three days, the students were able to undertake a range of activities including rock climbing and abseiling and the giant swing. Each of these activities presented different challenges to the students and encouraged them to step out of their comfort zones.

With such a large cohort of Year 9’s, it took a team of eight staff members to coordinate and manage the group. Each group and their teacher rotated around the different activities for the three jam-packed days. The smaller groups allowed the students to connect and support each other, allowing their…  grew and developed.

We were lucky to get some sunshine and warm weather that was perfect for the water activities like canoeing and raft building that resulted in most students getting a bit wet.

Throughout the camp there were standout examples of students stepping out of their comfort zone and conquering their fears. For some, this was a fear of walking backwards of a cliff, for others it was about working with people they may not have worked with before. However, every single student gave it their all and were able to all get something different out of this camp.

We would like to thank the Roses Gap camp grounds team who did a mountain of work to accommodate the growing Phoenix Connect group and manage to coordinate, feed and house each one. Another big shout out to the Phoenix Connect team and the supporting staff who attended as it is a huge task to manage such a large group and every single member of staff did so to help create a safe and fun environment for the students.

Many of the students have learnt something about themselves throughout this camp and have created deeper connections with their classmates. They will continue to develop these connections in the subsequent term of Phoenix Connect and grow to be the best they can be.