2022 College Production Student Voice


Chelsea Archer, Reegan Walsh, Amber Clarke (Ancestors): “This year’s production was a great experience, and we loved making new friends.”

Charlotte Botterill (Soldier Ancestor): “Production builds up confidence, even if you are only in the ensemble.”

Bayley Mackie (Uncle Fester): “It is a wonderful opportunity for like-minded people to come together and perform.”

Ivory Booth (Pugsley), Emily Benbow (Ancestor), Jayden Cottren (Ancestor): “Production is a very enjoyable experience and a good place to make friends.”

Bailey (DJ) Forster (Lucas), Scarlet Lucken ((Morticia’s Ancestor), Hannah McCausland (Saloon Girl): “We liked how we’ve become closer friends.”



Paige (Sam) Pryor (Caveman): “I like how close the cast became, and it’s sad that some of us won’t be able to continue with this class next year.”

Emily Sandlant-Hunter (Doll): “I’m glad I could make a few friends even though I’m an introvert. I will miss this class.”

Mikaela Milne (Bridal Party): “I made some new friends, and I will miss everyone from this year’s class.”

Livia Oswell & Imogen Taylor (Hair & Make-up): “We were glad we could be a part of this and watch the cast all grow from rehearsals to the last performance.”

Clementine Sawyer (Ninja): “I had lots of fun meeting everyone, it was so fun to be a part of this production.”



Isabella Voigt (Grandma): “I am very grateful I was able to meet new people and make new friends.”

Kiarn Dark (Lurch): “I am very happy I got the opportunity to participate in this year’s performance. I made lots of friends along the way and gained lots of experience in stagecraft.”

Jak Cuffe (Scientist): “I am so proud of everyone in the production. They did amazing and I am so glad I have a new family to hang with, laugh with and cry with.”

Siena Webster-Austin (Morticia): “It was such an incredible experience and what a team! They are like a second family to me. I’m extremely proud of all the hard work they did and if you like performing then production is for you – you will not regret it at all! The best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Ashley Stevens (Alice): “I really enjoyed this year’s production; the cast was amazing, and I am really going to miss all the laughs and performances.”



Charlotte (Charlie) Peters (Mal): “Everything about this year’s production was such a great experience, it was fun to play a character that is the complete opposite from myself. The cast was amazing to work with.”

Josie Baldwin (Saloon Girl Ancestor), Sienna Edwards (Morticia’s Ancestor), Emily Shearer-Cox (Thing): “It was an amazing experience, and we are so glad to have new friends and a family to share this with.”

Chelsea Smolenaers (Wednesday): “I absolutely loved the production this year! I became best friends with the whole cast and had an amazing opportunity to perform with the people I love. There is always something for everyone who joins the production class.”

Cage Miller (Gomez): “The production was one of, if not, the best experience I’ve had in high school. The number of lasting friendships I made are irreplaceable.”

Matilda Harrison (Bridal Party): “The production was one of the best experiences I’ve had, and I made a new family!”

Deegan Muscat (Backstage Staff): “It was great working with everyone and getting to know them. It was really fun watching the whole performance – it was funny and there was lots of drama! They all done wonderful work.”

Hayley Stannard (Bridal Party), Shayla Hawkes (Ballerina), Lillian Dixon (Ancestor): “We made new friends and gained confidence. The whole experience was fun, and we are grateful we joined such an amazing team. It’s been one of the best productions we’ve had.”