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Our Alumni program seeks to connect and reconnect with former students and provide them with the opportunity to be involved in the life of the College in a whole range of meaningful ways.  As an Alumni you can get involved in College events, share your career and life experiences with groups of current students, support students through sponsoring awards and scholarships, or simply stay up-to-date with what is happening at the College and network with other alumni.

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The purpose and goals of Phoenix P-12 Community College Alumni are to:

  • Create ongoing links between the College and the Alumni Community.
  • Provide the opportunity for Alumni to make a difference to the future of Phoenix students.
  • Recognise its Alumni for their contributions to the wider community, the College and its students.

As an Alumni, you can enjoy the opportunities available to you to participate and reconnect with the College and past students and staff through:

  • Reunions and Special Events
  • Alumni Facebook and Instagram Groups
  • Newsletters and College Magazines

This opportunity is open to anyone who has attended or taught at Phoenix P-12 Community College, as well as during our earlier stages of development as:  Redan Primary School, Sebastopol Technical School, Sebastopol Secondary College, Sebastopol College and Ballarat South Community Learning Precinct.

The Phoenix College Alumni share a great deal of combined knowledge and experience from a broad range of industry backgrounds; including but not limited to accountancy, agriculture, business management, education, engineering, equine, health care, hospitality, law enforcement, medicine, real estate, retail and trades. This network of Alumni can act as an awesome resource for our current students who can use their collective knowledge and first-hand experience to help make decisions about study options, work experience, career pathways and all-round-real-world-advice.

If you would like to keep further updated on the latest Alumni news, we encourage you to like and follow the College Facebook page, Alumni Facebook page and our College Instagram page.

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