We encourage and affirm the participation of students in the various activities offered through the co-curricular program.

These programs play an important role in the total development of the student and, as such, are considered to be a vital part of the complete education offered at the College.

The Co-Curricular Program:

  • Provides an opportunity for students to contribute positively to the College community.
  • Enhances the holistic development of the individual.
  • Promotes and nurtures responsible behaviour and attitudes.
  • Cultivates self-discipline and self-responsibility.
  • Fosters mutual support amongst parents and staff.
  • Provides a means by which relationships can be established and consolidated in the whole school community.
  • Develops skills and talents that students possess.

Involvement in the co-curricular program fulfills important primary and secondary educational and social goals established by the College.

Co-Curricular Programs offered at the College are:

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