Opportunities to access the best vocational training, industry knowledge, industry experiences and individualised programs.


The Phoenix Academy of Industry is designed to provide students who have identified their future vocation in Building Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering Trades. This program will give students a unique educational experience in emerging careers and skillsets that are being predicted to shape the future of work.

The academy is a specialised program to develop excellence in trade specific skills, employability skills and provide students with real world industry experience as further enhancement to their VET studies. These opportunities provide a platform for the development of other key skills and attributes young trades people need, such as leadership, communication, initiative, and enterprise.

Features of the Academy of Industry program are:

  • Regular calendar of events.
  • Providing students, teachers and the community with access to inspiring young people.
  • Industry and networking opportunities.

The Aim of the Phoenix Academy of Industry Program

The Academy of Industry aims to provide a link between school and industry, providing students and teachers access to current information and industry trends.

Both school and industry play a role in ensuring that all students are given learning opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential and develop the skills and capabilities that are needed in future jobs.


For further information about this program, please contact the Academy of Industry Coordinator, Brendan Johnston, on (03) 5329 3293.