The College’s commitment to quality eLearning facilities recognises that students and staff must be able to utilise digital technologies with confidence and understanding.

Digital technologies are used in the classroom to enhance student outcomes and are designed to prepare students for the technology rich world in which we live and in which they will be working in the future.

The College houses a wide array of devices and digital platforms to support our innovative approach and vision towards eLearning. Our 1:1 Laptop Program enables students to become responsible digital citizens and further supports the exciting learning opportunities offered at Phoenix. By 2022 every student at Phoenix will own their own laptop as prescribed by our 1:1 Laptop Program.

What does this include? What is the school contributing towards this program?

Phoenix P-12 Community College will be contributing the following towards the 1:1 Laptop Program:

  • Office 365 software and Windows 10 (valued at $100 per year).
  • Educational software (valued at approx. $1,000).
  • Full technical support by our ICT Department.
  • Phoenix Laptop Bag.
  • Digital Technology classes and training in how to get the most out of your device.
  • Working in partnership with LWT (a highly regarded supplier of devices for 1:1 programs) to provide you with a secure online portal to manage your payments.
  • Using the school’s buying power to offer you the lowest price on your device.
  • A loan device if your device requires a warranty repair so that your child’s learning can continue uninterrupted.

Why does my child need a laptop?

Implementing a 1:1 Laptop Program means that we are able to expand our curriculum allowing us to bring the classroom into the home. Students will have access to resources and can continue their learning at home.

What if we already have a laptop?

For a computer to be compatible with our network and to be capable of running the software that will be required in the classroom, it must meet the minimum specification requirements as follows: Windows 10 (natively), Pentium quad core processor, 11.6” touch screen, 8-hour battery life and 3 year warranty.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the expectations of this program, payment details, device specifications or anything to do with our Laptop Program please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

To order a laptop or to find out more information please contact the College or email the ICT Department: