The Phoenix P-12 Community College uniform comprises of summer and winter uniform. The College expects that students will be neatly presented in full school uniform. It is an expectation that all students will abide by the uniform policy. Parents are required to support all aspects of this policy for the duration of their child’s enrolment.

General Policy

  • All students at Phoenix P-12 Community College are expected to wear the full Phoenix P-12 Community College uniform at school and in the journey to and from school.
  • Secondary Campus: Physical Education and Sport Uniform to be brought to school and worn during Physical Education classes only (i.e. not to and from school).












  • Primary Campus: Students are permitted to wear Sport Uniform to and from school on the day of Physical Education classes.
  • Full Sport Uniform to be worn by students participating in any form of inter-school sports.
  • Band Uniform is to be worn by students in the Senior Band / Ensembles when they participate in public performances.
  • Students who are out of uniform must remove inappropriate items. They will be referred to appropriate Village (e.g. Albion, Bonshaw, Cornish and Picton) and then to the General Office. Where possible they will supplied with substitute uniform items.
  • Where an appropriate substitute uniform is not available the student may be required to work in time out for the day.
  • Students are expected to wear full College uniform on all excursions, except when consent from the Principal or Principal’s nominee is given.
  • Exceptions to this policy will only be considered on presentation of appropriate medical certificate.

All information on our strict uniform policy is accessible to download here: Phoenix P-12 Community College Uniform Policy.

For second hand uniform and text books, please visit the Sustainable School Shop page for all details.

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