The mission of Phoenix P-12 Community College is to excel in the provision of broad, flexible and inclusive educational pathways for our students that highlights our strong sense of community and our continued tradition of excellence. This is achieved through a stimulating, comprehensive and challenging academic focus and is supported by specialist activities in sport, drama, music, public speaking, student leadership and the arts.

Phoenix P-12 Community College is a student-centered and community-based College that offers exciting and extensive pathways to facilitate 21st Century learning.

Year 7 Curriculum

We provide a comprehensive curriculum that meets the individual needs of every student. We focus on developing strong foundations in literacy and numeracy within our broad curriculum framework.

To ensure every child reaches their potential we offer point of need teaching. Every student will benefit from opportunities for enrichment, whilst their individual passions and strengths are nurtured and challenged. All students are immersed in a rich curriculum that integrates the use of ICT.

Individualised Support

  • Thorough transition programs ensure smooth and natural progression between primary and secondary schooling.
  • Ongoing literacy focus for all students through the Drop Everything and Read program and SRA literacy strategy.
  • Extensive Learning Support program.
  • Structured homework and after school tutoring program.
  • Targeted programs for literacy and numeracy for students with special needs.
  • Adolescent Health and Wellbeing program.

Unique Learning Village Environment

All students enjoy the benefits of belonging to a Learning Village, which offers a structured pastoral care program from Years 7-12. Each Learning Village has a dedicated pastoral care team who support students throughout their secondary education.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

College life extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. There are an extensive array of extra-curricular activities that extend our learning platform.

  • Cadets
  • F1 in Schools
  • Music: Individual instrumental tuition and a wide range of performance avenues.
  • Performing Arts
  • Public Speaking & Debating
  • Rowing
  • Sport
  • Student Leadership: Specific personal development, public speaking and opportunities to participate in a range of leadership teams.

Academic Achievers SEAL* Program (*Select Entry Accelerated Learning)

The program recognises that gifted and high-potential students are found in all communities, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

The program provides talented students with opportunities for a curriculum platform based on enrichment and acceleration. The College is staffed with hand-selected teachers who are experienced at engaging and developing the talents of gifted students. They will be nurtured as they build their leadership skills, pursue their passions, extend their creative abilities, connect with the broader community, and learn at a faster pace and greater depth, striving for academic excellence.

Comprehensive Scholarship Program

Phoenix has a proud tradition of providing scholarships to students in Year 6. These students demonstrate commitment to achieving their best and making a positive contribution to the College. Scholarships are offered in the domains of Community Leadership, Academic Excellence, Music and Sport.

Our Academic Achievers Program is an exciting learning platform for those students who are ready for enrichment and acceleration. Students are nurtured as they develop academically, build leadership skills and pursue extra-curricular passions.

When to Enrol

Application Form Information

A student placement Application Form will be sent to parents/guardians in March via the primary school that their child is attending. The completed form must be returned to the Principal of the primary school the child is attending. Should your address/contact information change after submitting your application you must contact Phoenix P-12 Community College. You will be asked to provide appropriate evidence of the new place of residence.

How to Enrol

Placement Procedure:

  1. Primary schools distribute a Transition Pack to all Parents/Guardians of Year 6 students (Term 1).
  2. Parents/Guardians return Application for Year 7 Placement forms to primary school (Term 1).
  3. Primary schools notify Parents/Guardians of Year 6 students of placement offers, in writing (Term 3).
  4. Secondary schools notify primary schools of the names of all students who have been accepted into Year 7 (Term 3).
  5. Secondary schools conduct enrolment appointments (compulsory appointment – Term 3).
  6. Secondary schools host an Orientation Day for Year 6 students (Term 4).

Further Information

For further information, visit the Department of Education and Training’s website on the Transition Process; or to arrange a tour of the College, please contact us on 5329 3293.

Enrolment for Year 8 – Year 12

We welcome enquiries for enrolments at all year levels throughout the year. The DET’s Student Placement Policy applies at all year levels. Should you wish to enquire about an enrolment for your child in Year 8 or above, please contact the College on 5329 3293, or click on the link below to submit an online enquiry.

Enrolment / Tour Enquiry Form