Hertford Street open to general traffic re-opens from Monday 28th March

Hertford Street will re-open to general traffic from Monday 28th March, weather permitting, with some interim restrictions in place for traffic movements while crews continue working along Albert Street. Under this interim arrangement, both east and westbound lanes on Hertford Street (between Albert Street and Clarkson Street) will again be open to general traffic.

Motorists will be able to make left-turn movements between Hertford Street and the Albert Street northbound lane, and from Albert Street into Hertford Street. Right turns will not be permitted from Albert Street southbound into Hertford Street westbound, or from Hertford Street eastbound into Albert Street southbound.

This arrangement will remain in place until further notice. We will work with the contractor to reinstate full access and use of the Hertford/Albert intersection as soon as possible, and provide businesses with an update on any future changes, when this is confirmed.

Business access from Hertford Street

Access to businesses from Hertford Street will be reinstated, once Hertford Street is re-opened, via left-turn movements only. This is a permanent arrangement under the design, and necessary due to the installation of the new centre median on Hertford Street.


Detours will remain in place along Rubicon and Sutton streets for traffic seeking to turn right from Albert Street southbound lane into Hertford Street. Detours will remain in place along Spencer and Gray streets for traffic seeking to turn right from Hertford Street into the Albert Street southbound lane.

Next steps

All surrounding businesses can expect to hear from project contractor Seymour Whyte in coming days to explain any additional changes in access or traffic management as crews prepare for future construction activity along Albert Street.


Thanks again to all businesses and operators for their patience during this busy period of construction.

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