Our Village Structure is based on the idea that “it takes a whole village to raise a child”.

The Village Structure creates smaller communities within the school and gives students a unique sense of belonging and identity. Village events regularly bring together students and staff and promote the development of senior, middle and junior student relationships. It also provides opportunities to develop leadership qualities and skills in students across all levels.

There is a strong emphasis on increasing our environmental awareness and actions within our school and local community to build good practice in sustainable environmental behaviours.


Sporting House System

The Houses encourage participation in sporting, cultural, environmental and other co-curricular activities and promote student leadership. There is keen but good-natured rivalry between the four sporting Houses as they accumulate points from the various sporting and cultural competitions that are held throughout the year. These include: Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals.

The Houses are named after local, historical mines of the area in keeping with heritage of the Phoenix Mine and therefore the name of the College.

The competitive Houses aligned with each of the Villages are:

Village Name Sporting House Name House Colour
Albion Village Albion Yellow
Bonshaw Village Bonshaw Blue
Cornish Village Cornish Green
Picton Village Picton Red