Mission Statement

The mission of Phoenix P-12 Community College is to excel in the provision of broad, flexible and inclusive educational pathways for our students that highlight our strong sense of community and our continued tradition of excellence.

This is achieved through a stimulating, comprehensive and challenging academic focus and is supported by specialist activities in sport, drama, music, public speaking, student leadership and the arts. There is an emphasis on developing optimistic, resourceful and resilient global citizens for the future.

The College values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation and Excellence guide our fundamental principles of action across all areas of the school. We are committed to a school improvement focus that extends and transforms teaching and learning to promote high levels of academic achievement.

Our teachers provide differentiated and personalised programs to meet the diverse range of student learning needs.  This curriculum approach supports students in their learning growth; building self-worth, personal identity and relationships of mutual respect.  We effectively monitor and support students at all levels of the College in regard to their individual and collective wellbeing needs.

We pride ourselves in providing an environment that is conducive to each child achieving their personal potential.
Student wellbeing is seen as critical in empowering students with the social and emotional competencies to experience success and happiness in their lives.

Moral Purpose

Phoenix P-12 Community College prides itself on the educational opportunities delivered for the students of today as we foster the development of socially respectful and responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

We empower our students to strive for success and excellence in their educational, vocational and personal pathways.

We ensure that emotional wellbeing is fostered within every child and that they leave the College as active, positive members of the community.

Vision for Students

Phoenix P-12 Community College promotes high achievement by developing the learning capacities of all students, enabling them to be:

  • Motivated lifelong learners striving to achieve excellence.
  • Students who demonstrate respect, compassion and tolerance for others.
  • Innovative and resilient learners, inquisitive of the environment around them.
  • Students competent in the essential skills of literacy and numeracy, who constantly endeavour to reach their full potential.
  • Technologically capable students who can adapt to a rapidly advancing world.
  • Socially responsible students who contribute positively as global citizens in all aspects of life.

Mission of Staff

Phoenix P-12 Community College staff will assist students to succeed by providing:

  • A broad, challenging, dynamic and authentic learning environment.
  • An ethos of respect, tolerance and compassion within our community.
  • A differentiated learning platform based on best teaching practice.
  • An innovative ICT rich classroom which facilitates effective 21st Century skill development.
  • A supportive framework focused on mentoring, coaching and the promotion of success.
  • A safe learning environment based on the principles of social inclusion and restorative justice.
  • Quality opportunities for each student to develop a range of leadership capabilities.

College Values

RESPECT: Treating ourselves and others with consideration, being courteous at all times and acknowledging diversity and rights of others.

RESPONSIBILITY: Taking ownership of our behaviour and actions, contributing in a positive way.

INTEGRITY: Being honest and acting ethically, ensuring consistency between words and actions.

COOPERATION: Working together, communicating effectively and supporting each other.

EXCELLENCE: Striving to do our best, being dedicated to learning and reaching our goals.