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Phoenix News – Issue 1

“In Knowledge there is Opportunity”

Our Phoenix P-12 Community College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.

Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in and around the College
including upcoming events and celebration of student success.

Read all the latest news in this edition.


Important Calendar Dates

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Due to the current pandemic, please continually check COMPASS and the online newsletter for important information and sudden changes in the College’s timetable.

Student free days will be confirmed throughout the school year. 


Term 1

28th Curriculum Day
31st Curriculum Day
1st Staggered Student Return
  • Prep students attend interviews as scheduled.
  • Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 & 12 students commence scheduled classes.
  • DOTS Campus – All students commence scheduled classes.
2nd Staggered Student Return
  • Prep students attend interviews as scheduled.
  • Years 8, 9, & 10 students commence scheduled classes.
3rd Grade Preps First Day of School
Prep students commence scheduled classes.
3rd School Photo Day
For Grade 1-Year 12 students. Individual and Group photos.
10th Grade Prep Photo Day
Individual and Group photos.
10th School Photo Catch-Up Day
For any student who will be absent on 3rd February, can have their photo taken on 10th February. Sibling photos will also be available this day.
17th Swimming Carnival (Sebastopol Campus Years 7-12)
Eureka Swimming Pool – all day event.
Support your sporting house but dressing up in your house’s colour!
2nd Athletics Carnival (Sebastopol Campus Years 7-12)
Llanberris Athletics Reserve – all day event.
Support your sporting house but dressing up in your house’s colour!
14th Labour Day (Public Holiday)
 8th End of Term 1

2022 – Term Dates

Term 1: 28th January to 8th April (Staff return 28th January, Students return 1st February)
Term 2: 26th April to 24th June
Term 3: 11th July to 16th September
Term 4: 3rd October to 20th December

Principal’s Message

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Welcome to the 2022 school year. As we know, COVID continues to impact our world, so I am genuinely grateful to be back at school and truly hope that periods of flexible and remote learning are behind us.

I thought this was an ideal time to introduce you to our Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) for 2022.

This year we will be working hard on four key goals:

#1 Learning: It is imperative that we continue to respond positively to issues presented by the Coronavirus. We will be working hard to ensure that we focus on keeping everyone safe and well. We will have tutors in place from the first week of term so that students who fell behind have a chance to catch up. We will also have an intentional focus on the wellbeing of both our students and staff.

#2 Literacy and Numeracy: At Phoenix, we have an absolute belief that every child has a right to be literate and numerate. So we will be explicitly teaching the skills of reading, writing and numeracy. We know that skills can transfer across learning domains and this puts our students in the best place to be successful in all learning areas.

#3 Agency: The research is clear: students who have agency in their learning learn more and find the learning more fulfilling. Agency means that students see they can have influence and choice in their learning, in their school and in their school community. In 2021, one of the projects I was most proud to complete was the Year 12 garden. This came about through a student forum, and I can’t wait to receive and respond to the ideas of our students this year.

#4 Community Engagement: I am proud to have the word “Community” in the name of our school. We sincerely service the children and the families of our community. We are intentional about forming community partnerships that enrich the learning experiences of our students. This year, we highly anticipate the opening of our new sports facility that has been built on the foundations of our partnership with Ballarat Basketball.

Finally – I am incredibly proud to be bringing ‘The Resilience Project’ to Phoenix. As we work our way out of COVID and the challenges of the last two years our greatest belief is that we can assist our students, staff and community to build Resilience.


Karen Snibson

Back to School – Important Information

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Phoenix News

The College Online Newsletter is produced each week and contains valuable information about what is happening at the College. The Primary Campus Newsletter is produced fortnightly.

All students and parents/guardians are sent, via COMPASS, the link to the latest newsletter, and it also available on our webpage and Facebook page.

College Hours

Sebastopol Campus Office Hours: (during the school terms)

Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Redan Campus Office Hours: (during the school terms)

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:00pm


Absences need to be reported to the College. The easiest way for you to let the College know if your child is away is through the COMPASS Parent Portal.

You can also call the College Absence Hotline – 5329 3210 and leave a message. Remember an SMS message will be sent to the nominated mobile telephone number for all unexplained absences.

If students are late to school they must sign in at the General Office. If leaving the College for appointments etc. students must sign out at the General Office. Students cannot sign out from the College without parent/guardian approval and the parent/guardian must come in and collect the student from the General Office.

Please remind students that if they are feeling unwell at school, they are to go their Village First Aid Officer and will be assessed, if required by the School Nurse, before parents are contacted to collect their child. Students will remain in their Village until their parent/guardian arrives at Reception to collect them. Reception staff will meet their parent/guardian in the foyer and ask them to wait in the foyer for their child.

Students ARE NOT to call home directly; it is our Duty of Care to ensure the safety of your child.

IT IS NOT OK TO BE AWAY – The College expectation is 95% attendance. Regular attendance is vital if students are to achieve their full potential.

Visitors to the College

All visitors must report to the General Office. The Reception Staff will find and contact students in the case of an emergency.

College Uniform

The purpose of the Uniform Policy is to create a sense of collective and individual pride in students and their identification with Phoenix P-12 Community College. School Council believes this enables students to participate actively and safely in school life.

The wearing of uniform will apply during school hours, while travelling to and from school and when students are engaged in specified school activities out of school hours.

All uniform can be purchased from (no substitutes will be accepted):

Address: 18 Armstrong Street South Central Square Shopping Centre, Ballarat
Phone: (03) 5331 9224

Address: 4 Armstrong St North, Ballarat
Phone: (03) 5331 3222

Sustainable School Shop

The Sustainable School Shop offers online trading and is an efficient, low cost way for families to buy and sell their school text books, uniforms and school supplies. The College would like to encourage families to use this system as we no longer run a second-hand bookshop. We are hoping that families take advantage of this terrific online system to buy and sell books or items of uniform –

Lost Property

Any lost property should be taken to the General Office. The Lost Property Bin is emptied at the end of each term. Student’s uniform should be labelled clearly as well as devices, text books and stationery items.

Valuable Items

Valuable items, such as phones and devices, brought to school is at the owner’s risk and should be looked after carefully and kept safe to prevent damage or loss. The College holds no responsibility if students choose to bring these items to school.

First Aid

First Aid is located in the Administration building. There are a number of staff who are qualified with current First Aid certificates. Minor ailments are treated at the College and if further treatment is necessary, then the parents/guardians will be notified, where possible.

We do not hesitate to call the ambulance if required. Parents are advised to have an up-to-date ambulance subscription.

All prescribed medication taken by students must be administered through the College First Aid Station. A medical plan will need to be discussed and submitted to the College Nurse containing consent from parents/guardians and outlining the required dosage and administering time.

Excursion Permission Notes

When students receive excursion notes for upcoming events, it is the responsibility of the student to return the permission form and payment (if applicable) before the due date listed on the form. This is to ensure that staff have correct numbers to book tickets and travel. If students do not return the permission form and payment by the due date then there may be a chance they will miss out.

Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) offers a wide range of educational resources to both staff and students.

From internet, and computer access, to the Careers Centre and more classic Library resources. The Learning Resource Centre has a partnership with City of Ballarat Libraries which gives the College access to an incredible wealth of print and electronic resources.

Students also have access to study support such as Senior School Tutors and after school study sessions with teachers.

LRC Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am – 3:30pm


Career Pathways

Our MIPs Team are available to provide advice and support to students who are looking for apprenticeships and traineeships, looking for part time or full time employment, seeking Work Experience or needing support in applying for TAFE and University placements. We welcome all students to pop in and see us to have your questions answered or to make an appointment. They are located in the LRC.


All students are allocated a locker to use each year. Locker areas are under cover and located as conveniently as possible to each corresponding Village/Study Centre. Students will need to provide a quality lock on their first day of school, which will see them throughout their years at Phoenix.


The College has bike racks available for students. Students are expected to bring and use a lock for their bike and helmet, and to be responsible for observing traffic laws, in particular when using our school crossings, and school rules relating to use of bicycles and scooters.


A reminder to all students and parents/guardians, to not park in the 7-Eleven car park or the Ballarat Health Services Dental Clinic carpark for drop-off and pick-up.

Parent Communication

All parents are asked to provide the College with a current email address. This allows us to effectively communicate with all parents directly from groups such as the Administration Team, Village Managers or Assistant Principals.

If ANY contact details or your living circumstances change, please make sure you contact the College to update them as soon as possible so we can keep your child’s details as up to date.

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend downloading the COMPASS App on your phone/computer and you can log in to submit your change of contact details which are sent directly to the College’s Administration Team to update.

Alternatively, you can call the Administration Office on (03) 5329 3293 or email the school at


A reminder our College uses COMPASS as our online portal. All students, teachers, parents and guardians have access and it contains timetables, reports, information about assessment tasks, community announcements, our newsletters and information about student attendance and excursions. Students are required to access COMPASS multiple times per day.

Using COMPASS allows you to access up-to-date and meaningful information about our school and your child’s progress.

College Contributions

College Contributions are charged on an annual basis, where applicable, to cover optional aspects of the College’s program, services provided for extra-curricular excursions/camps and individual music tuition These will be charged at various times through the year as appropriate. Statements issued (via email) or on demand.

Student Departures and Withdrawal:

Parents and guardians are reminded that early written notification of a student withdrawing during the College year is required.

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF):

The Victorian Government introduced this fund for the following purpose:

“Every Victorian child should have access to the world of learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund will ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities.”

If you hold a valid means-tested Health Care card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF ($225 per secondary school student). The allowance will be paid to the College to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions, or sporting activities for the benefit of your child and deducted from your school fee account. Applications close at the end of Term 2, 2022.

How to Apply – contact the College office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from

Financial Assistance:

If you have any concerns regarding education contributions, you are encouraged to discuss these at any time with the Business Manager. To arrange an appointment please phone Lorraine Hayes on 5329 3293. 



Parents, Guardians and members of our School Community are always welcome at Phoenix P-12 Community College.
To ensure that our College is a safe and positive learning environment we ask that all visitors report to the General Office. If you want to meet with a specific member of our team, please phone ahead as far possible so we can accommodate your meeting requests efficiently.


Please be aware that any form of aggressive or abusive behaviour at our College will not be tolerated.

Photo Day 2022

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Thursday 3rd February

School Photo Day

Only for students in Grade 1 – Year 12. Individual and Group photos.


Thursday 10th February

Grade Prep Photos

Individual and Group photos.


Photo Catch-Ups

Any student who will be absent on 3rd February, can have their photo taken on 10th February.


Family Photos

Sibling photos will be available this day.


Order forms, photo packages and instructions for photo day will be handed out when students return next week.

Remember these helpful points:

  • All students are to wear their correct school uniform.
  • Read all relevant instructions for your preferred payment method. All payments are due by photo day.
  • You may pay via the Compass online portal using your credit card.

Ordering with the MSP Online app: If you would like to order your school photos via your hand-held device please download the MSP online app and login using your Compass login details. The App can be downloaded via the Apple App Store or the Google Play.

  • You may pay by cash using the individual envelope which can be obtained from the school office. Please enclose correct money as no change will be given.
  • Sibling photos can be ordered via the Compass Portal. Or you may pay by cash using a FAMILY envelope which are available at the school office upon request. THESE PHOTOS WILL BE TAKEN DURING SCHOOL, 10TH FEBURARY, USUALLY AT RECESS.
  • Please instruct siblings to attend the photo studio during this time. Photographers are unable to search for students who do not attend.


For any enquiries, please contact:

MSP Photography
Phone:  03 5333 5577

Road Works Commencing

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Hertford Street and Albert Street Construction Begins

Works to upgrade the Hertford Street and Albert Street intersection will start from Friday 28 January 2022.

Under our Keeping Ballarat Moving program, we’re replacing the roundabout with traffic lights and dedicated pedestrian crossing points to improve safety and traffic flow.

Early works will require the full closure of the Albert/Hertford/Sayle streets intersection on the weekends of 28–30 January and 5–6 February.

Business and residential access will be maintained during these weekend closures. U-turn movements will be permitted at each leg to allow public access to nearby businesses along Albert and Hertford Streets.

To fast track works and minimise disruption for community, a section of Hertford Street between Albert Street and Clarkson Street will be closed to all traffic for six weeks, from 7 February to 21 March, weather permitting.

This closure will reduce the construction time on this leg by several months, leaving Hertford Street unimpacted for the remainder of the upgrade. Detours will be in place for general traffic and heavy vehicles along Rubicon Street and Sutton Street.

Travel delays are expected during works, particularly during peak periods. If travelling through this area plan ahead to avoid delays or consider taking an alternative route.

To find out more about these works and to see plans of the upgrades, visit this link: Hertford Street (Glenelg Highway) and Albert Street (Midland Highway) intersection.

If you have any questions about the planned upgrades, please contact Regional Roads Victoria:

Call:    133 RRV (133 778)


The Resilience Project

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Extra-Curricular Activities Sign-ups

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Sign ups for extra-curricular activities for lunchtime and after school opportunities will be posted on COMPASS this Wednesday 2nd February.

Keep an eye out for the link so you don’t miss out on these fantastic programs!


Lunchtime Clubs/Activities

  • 3v3 Basketball
  • 4v4 Futsal
  • 5v5 Netball
  • Writers Club
  • Strength Club x 3 days
  • Phoenix Unplugged
  • Jam Club (Music)
  • Philosophy
  • Chess Club


After School Clubs/Activities

  • Cooking Club
  • Street Art Club
  • Photography Club
  • Homework Club
  • Self Defence Club
  • STEM Club
  • Choir and Band (multiple)

Doctor in Secondary School Program

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Phoenix P-12 Community College is part of the Doctor in Secondary School Program. This means that we have the services of a General Practitioner on site every Wednesday morning.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • make primary health care more accessible to students
  • provide assistance to young people to identify and address any health problems early
  • reduce the pressure on working parents.

The GP is available for all health needs for students and the sessions are bulk-billed. A current Medicare number, reference number and expiry date are all that is required. Appointments occur in our custom built consulting rooms. A practice nurse accompanies the GP each week and is also available for one on one sessions with students.

Our current GP is part of the UFS medical team and all student medical files remain the property of that medical practice.

Bookings are made through the school nurse, Lorraine Firth, available through the General Office. Referrals can be made directly by students or by parents/carers.

Photo credit:


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I am excited to be able to offer staff and students the exclusive Eleven range of hair care. We are fortunate to have this range available to use in the salon on our clients AND will be available to purchase.

We are in the salon every Thursday from 9am-1:30pm and this range is Australian Made, owned, vegan friendly and AMAZING!


In Term 2, we hope be offering shampoo and blow wave services as well as a variety of colour services for staff and clients. 

The price list is on both salon doors and if you pop past the outer door, you are able to check out our new range with our cute reception desk.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email

Megan Wright
IAT and the team at Phoenix Salon


Before & After School Care

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Commencing at Phoenix in 2022.

TheirCare delivers high quality outside school hours care (OSHC) through qualified and inspired team members and through outstanding relationships with Schools and Families.

Click here to register now!


For further information, please visit –

Canteen Area Refurb

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We are so excited for this rejuvenated space for our students to enjoy when they return.

Just a few finishing touches to add including two custom built table tennis tables.

Phone Policy

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Health & Safety

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Traffic Safety

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Traffic Safety is everybody’s business.

Students should:

  • cross at the lights on Hertford Street.
  • avoid running across the road or between cars, especially at the unmanned traffic island at the front of the Sebastopol Campus.
  • observe road rules if riding a bike or a scooter. Please be aware that a helmet is a legal requirement in Victoria.

Parents please be aware:

  • parking requirements on our street access points.
  • the BHS Dental facility is a patient car park and is not be used for dropping off or picking up students.
  • the 7-Eleven store puts students directly into traffic and is also not be used for dropping off or picking up students.
  • You can assist us to increase student safety by discussing the road laws with younger students.
  • Victoria Police will engage in additional traffic management in and around the school.

The College has been working with the Department of Education and Training and the City of Ballarat for some time now to assist in developing a traffic management strategy for our neighbourhood as there has been substantial growth in commuter traffic in recent years.

With continued growth in the Delacombe area this trend is likely to continue.


2022 Canteen List

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The College canteen (located on the Sebastopol Campus) provides a variety of healthy, hot and cold food and drinks for our students before school, at recess and lunch. Parents and students are able to order lunch via the online QKR ordering system.

Students can pre-order their lunch each day, the cut off time for ordering is 8:30am.

Download the app ready for Term 1.


Alumni News

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Do you know any Alumni that are kicking goals in the real world?

E-mail our Alumni Coordinator, Kirby, via



Register Your Details

As a past student or staff member of Phoenix P-12 Community College, we invite you to ‘Register/Update Your Details’ and stay connected.

As a Phoenix College Alumni, you are part of a family of graduates who now form a special part of our community and our College’s history. Your relationship with Phoenix is lifelong and we invite you to remain engaged with the school, your teachers and friends. Stay connected by sharing your stories, attending events and keeping in touch with us!

Register/Update Your Details Here


Stay updated with Alumni Achievements and Stories via our Alumni Facebook Page.