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Phoenix News – Issue 13

“In Knowledge there is Opportunity”

Our Phoenix P-12 Community College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.

Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in and around the College
including upcoming events and celebration of student success.

Read all the latest news in this edition.








At Phoenix we have a zero-tolerance attitude to violence and aggression of any form to staff and others. We build a thriving community by working positively together to educate our children.

Important Calendar Dates

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Due to the current pandemic, please continually check COMPASS and the online newsletter for important information and sudden changes in the College’s timetable.

Student free days will be confirmed throughout the school year. 

Term 2

10th-20th NAPLAN 2022
NAPLAN will take place during the period 10th– 20th May and this year will be online.
All students in Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 are expected to sit the NAPLAN tests.
11th Year 10 Immunisations
12th Academy of Sport Open Training Evening
Family members of Academy of Sport students are invited to attend an open training session. The evening will involve a presentation to families, whilst students completing physiological fitness testing followed by training in their technical sporting groups.
16th Museum: Discovering the Beast Excursion
Science students will be visiting the Melbourne Museum to undertake a variety of activities including discovering the amazing science of Triceratops in Fate of the Dinosaurs.
20th BioLab Excursion
HAPE students will be travelling to BioLab in Geelong. They will gain a greater understanding of how the body works and learn different ways in which we measure physical activity.
23rd Fed Uni Explore Your Future Excursion
Federation University Explore your Future Day invites selected Year 10 students to join in the simulated areas of Nursing, Para Medicine, Midwifery, Health, Sport Exercise Science, Biomedicine & Biotechnology.
30th ACU Experience Day
Selected Year 10 students will be attending ACU to have a tour and take part in activities that are run by the University for courses that relate to Paramedicine and Physiotherapy.
1st-3rd Junior Music Camp at Cave Hill Creek
The camp will include elements of band rehearsal, music theory work, improvisation workshops, and outdoor activities. The purpose of this camp is to engage students with their music practise in new and exciting ways. Students will then showcase their skills with a performance at Beaufort Primary School.
4th Debutante Ball
13th Queen’s Birthday (Public Holiday)
16th, 17th, 18th College Production – The Addams Family Jr.
Show times and ticket details will be available mid Term 2.
24th End of Term 2 – Students Dismissed at 2:30pm


2022 – Term Dates

Term 1: 28th January to 8th April (Staff return 28th January, Students return 1st February)
Term 2: 26th April to 24th June
Term 3: 11th July to 16th September
Term 4: 3rd October to 20th December

DATTA Vic Teacher of the Year Award

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Each year, Design And Technology Teachers Association (DATTA) Victoria celebrates the hard-working, committed and creative Design and Technologies teachers who work in schools throughout Victoria.


The Technology Department would like to recognise the achievement of Anton Wilson on being awarded the DATTA Vic Teacher of the Year Award for 2021. Anton has been integral in developing Systems Electronics subjects in Years 9-10 as well as Systems Engineering in VCE at Phoenix P-12 Community College.

Anton works hard at developing projects for his Electronics classes where students learn complex programming skills as well as building electronic circuits and developing problem solving skills to make products that they are excited to take home. He is always willing to support staff with new educational programs such as OneNote, Fusion 360 for 3D printing as well as AutoCAD for CNC programming our Laser and Plasma cutters.

Congratulations to Anton from staff and students here at Phoenix.

Year 9 Chinese – Party Time

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We celebrated the end of Term 1 with Chinese drinks, snacks and games. Students became very competitive, utilising their Chinese speaking skills in playing a dice/numbers games with Ms Zeng!

Andrew Sawitsch
Learning Area Leader LOTE

Most Improved Readers – Term 1

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At Phoenix we are committed to ensuring that our children are growing in their learning. On Friday 29th April we were excited to host our Most Improved Reader Celebration for Term 1. This event recognised children who had worked with persistence and improved in their reading. It was especially rewarding to hear our children recount what they love about reading, what skills each individual had been working on and how proud they were of their progress.

Well done Phoenix Readers!

Debating and Public Speaking

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Once again, debating and public speaking is off to an exciting start here at Phoenix!

On Sunday 1st May, Sebastian Allen (Yr. 12), Lachlan Olsen (Yr. 12), Millie Collins (Yr. 11) and Bayley Mackie (Yr. 10) proudly represented Phoenix P-12 Community College in the Rostrum Voice of Youth Public Speaking Competition. Since they were successful in the heats, Sebastian and Lachlan also competed in the State semi-final, held on the same day. Their thoughtfulness and social-justice lenses exemplified our Phoenix students as the dedicated community-minded citizens they are. All students spoke with fantastic passion and poise.

Watch this space for more public speaking and debating opportunities to come.

Please get in contact with Miss Laura Benney or Ms Jade Browning if you would like to be involved.


Academy Of Industry – Disaster Relief Housing Program

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Our Academy Of Industry students visited the Ballarat Tech School to participate in a Disaster Relief Housing program. The students learnt about natural disasters and the impact they have on people and the natural environment. The students worked in teams to design and construct a prototype of temporary housing that could be used to accommodate people who have been displaced by a Tsunami, Floods or bushfires. The students learnt about synthetic materials, stitching and welding techniques that are used to make temporary housing from C.E Bartlett who are world leaders in this area.

Brendan Johnston
Academy Of Industry Coordinator

TRP – Week 2 Update

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Career News

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Important Dates

Victorian Careers Show 2022: 12th – 14th May

Victorian Law Week 2022: 16th – 22nd May



The Victorian Careers Show follows on from the success of our flagship event, the VCE and Careers Expo which celebrates its 30th year in 2022!

Thursday 12th – Saturday 14th May, 2022.

Organisations with:

  • Information and resources for the VCE
  • Information about tertiary study, university, TAFE and training courses
  • Career advice
  • Study advice
  • Employment advice and opportunities
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship advice
  • International exchange and gap year programs

Check out the program here –  Victorian Careers Show 2022.


There’s something for everyone during Law Week this year!  Law Week is an annual festival of events which makes learning about the law easy.  This year Law Week will look different to last year, but it is going ahead, nonetheless.  With webinars, interviews, information sessions, free legal advice, podcasts, and plenty more, Law Week makes learning about the law easy for all Victorians.

This year, Law Week will take place from Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd May, 2022.


Check out the Victorian Law Week program at Law Week 2022.


Discover Monash Seminar Series

Hear directly from current students, alumni, and staff across our ten faculties. Students are encouraged to register to attend as many of these course information events that might be of interest to them.

Below are seminars taking place in May. Note: some are ZOOM meetings**

Discover how to become a Teacher (Clay) Tuesday 17 May, 6.30pm – 7.30pm Register here
IT: Discover a World of Possibility Tuesday 17 May, 6.30pm – 7.30pm Register here
Discover Physio, O.T., & Paramedicine Wednesday 18 May, 6.00pm – 7.15pm** Register here
Discover how to become a Teacher (Pen) Thursday 19 May, 6.30pm – 7.30pm Register here
Discover Public Health, Nutrition & Health Sci. Thursday 19 May, 6.00pm – 7.15pm ** Register here
Discover how to become an Artist or Curator Tuesday 24 May, 6.00pm – 7.00pm Register here
Discover how to become a Designer Wednesday 25 May, 6.00pm – 7.00pm Register here
Discover Nursing and Midwifery Wednesday 25 May, 6.00pm – 7.15pm** Register here
Discover how to become an Architect Thursday 26 May, 6.00pm – 7.00pm Register here
Discover Radiography, Radiation Science & Psych. Thursday 26 May, 6.00pm – 7.15pm** Register here


File:RMIT University Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Discover What’s Next Seminar Series

RMIT’s Discover What’s Next webinar series commences this week.  These sessions are a great opportunity for students, parents, and school community to discover all there is to know about RMIT and its study areas.  Attendees will hear from staff and students on:

  • The campuses and locations
  • Course options
  • Industry experience
  • Global opportunities
  • Prerequisites and pathways
  • Clubs and societies
  • Our graduates

All the seminars are online and will take place from 5.00pm – 6.00pm.  Register for any of the sessions here.

Art and Photography 10 May
Fashion 12 May
Architecture 17 May
Design 19 May
Social Science 24 May
Media and Communication 26 May
Property, Building, and Trades 31 May
Education 2 June
Flight Training and Aviation 7 June
Health Science 21 June
Biomedical Science 23 June
Science 12 July
Engineering 14 July
Information Technology 19 July



Studying the Bachelor of Applied Innovation alongside another Degree
Swinburne University is introducing the Bachelor of Applied Innovation to be studied in conjunction with a number of other degrees.  With just one extra year, students get to graduate with a double degree.

Depending on the degree a student chooses to study alongside the Bachelor of Applied Innovation, various skills will be developed, including –

  • a student’s collaboration, creativity, and complex problem-solving skills in real-world contexts.
  • how to apply innovation toolkits, prototype solutions and participate in challenges such as innovation sprints inspired by their passions and interests.
  • gaining the practical and technical skills to think strategically about how to employ innovative ideas in their studies and in the broader society.
  • learning how to make decisions of impact, based on analytical and strategic thinking, human understanding, and respect for future generations – with supporting technological know-how.
  • undertaking placements, internships or industry-based project work, and benefit from interdisciplinary, experiential learning. Students will tap into their creativity, curiosity, and leadership potential as they gain the skills to build a better future.

The following double degrees including Applied Innovation are on offer.  Students are encouraged to browse the links that provide more details about the core and major units on offer in the Applied Innovation degree as they do differ from double degree to double degree:


Where can an Arts Degree take you?

There is often the debate about the value of an Arts Degree and what kind of role an Arts graduate could find in industry.  The list of roles is quite varied, and includes –

  • Teaching & educational administration
  • International aid and trade agencies
  • Arts production and management
  • Public service and social welfare agencies
  • General management and administration (local and global)
  • Communications industry, publishing, media, and public relations
  • Tourism and hospitality

One of the very important things for students to note, is that an Arts student learns skills that are very transferrable in industry.  These include communication skills, critical thinking and reading skills, analytical skills, and research skills – browse Career FAQS – What to do with your Arts Degree to learn more.  Monash University recently shared an excellent YouTube video about a Career with a Bachelor of Arts.  

Online Safety Tips

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You can find more information about Online Safety here:

eSafety Commissioner Webpage:

The eSafety Guide: Learn about the latest games, apps and social media, including how to protect your information and report harmful content –

Parent Resources: Downloadable resources to help you start the chat about online safety issues and strategies with your child. Resources include:

  • Videos
  • Books
  • Information sheets
  • Audio files
  • Family tech agreements
  • Activities
  • COVID-19 advice

Using Neuroscience to Normalize, Heal and Recover Post-COVID

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Over 2020 and 2021, we experienced high levels of stress. Worse of all, this stress happened unpredictably, with lockdowns being announced hours before coming into effect. As a result, we have been left feeling vulnerable, drained and anxious. Even six months into 2022, we may continue to feel this way!

A neuroscientist in the USA, Dr. Bruce Perry, explains that unpredictable, prolonged and high levels of stress strains our nervous system. If you’re feeling yucky, that’s okay, brain science says that you are allowed to.

On the flip side predictable, short term and manageable levels of stress can strengthen us to tolerate more in the future, in other words, to become more resilient and grow.

This concept is also used to heal from bad experiences and can be implemented following periods of extreme distress to regain a sense of control.

Find below some ideas for how to reduce stress, regain control and add some predictability back into your life:

  • Be kind to yourself (and others). Accept that you may be more tired, not as productive or motivated as usual, and that you may have a shorter fuse and be more irritable.
  • Try to create and stick to a routine. It’s common to feel tired and unmotivated as our bodies come back into the normal routine of school and life.
  • Connect with family, friends, and colleagues as much as you can.
  • Focus on getting the basics right:
    • eat sensibly
    • get regular exercise and keep active
    • sleep well – try and keep to a routine and prioritise sleep,
    • drink plenty of water,
    • get fresh air and sun if possible.
  • Seek additional help when needed – touch base with a GP about your health if you’re concerned.

Kenneth Anthony Alfred Spedding
Mental Health Practitioner
Educational and Developmental Psychology Registrar
AHPRA: PSY0002163048


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Alumni News

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Do you know any Alumni that are kicking goals in the real world?

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