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Phoenix News – Issue 9

“In Knowledge there is Opportunity”

Our Phoenix P-12 Community College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.

Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in and around the College
including upcoming events and celebration of student success.

Read all the latest news in this edition.








At Phoenix we have a zero-tolerance attitude to violence and aggression of any form to staff and others. We build a thriving community by working positively together to educate our children.

Important Calendar Dates

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Due to the current pandemic, please continually check COMPASS and the online newsletter for important information and sudden changes in the College’s timetable.

Student free days will be confirmed throughout the school year. 

Term 1

21st GRIP Leadership Conference
Federation University – Mt Helen Campus
Student leaders will be attending a conference to help them develop new skills, new perspectives and new ideas for making positive contributions in our community.
22nd MSP Photo Session
For students who have missed both photo days here at school, MSP are running a catch up session in their studio between 3:30pm-4:45pm.
Bookings are essential, please call (03) 5333 5577.
24th Redan Campus – Book Club Orders Due
4th Blue Edge Program – Live Wire Excursion
Students will be attending a celebration day at Live Wire Park developing team building and resilience skills as part of the Blue Edge Program this term.
5th District Athletic Carnival
6th Connect and Celebrate Event – Term 1
Redan Campus
8th End of Term 1 – Students Dismissed at 2:30pm

Term 2

25th  ANZAC Day (Public Holiday)
26th Term 2 Begins
29th Most Improved Readers – Term 1
Redan Campus
5th Parent Teacher Interviews
Booking details and times – TBA
6th Parent Teacher Interviews
Booking details and times – TBA


2022 – Term Dates

Term 1: 28th January to 8th April (Staff return 28th January, Students return 1st February)
Term 2: 26th April to 24th June
Term 3: 11th July to 16th September
Term 4: 3rd October to 20th December

Principal’s Message

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Term 1, Week 9

How our teachers learn:

At Phoenix, student engagement and wellbeing sits at the core  all of our decisions and planning.

I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you the strategies that schools use to ensure that teachers are continuously learning and building their practice so that we can best meet our students at their point of need.

We have three key ways in which we go about the process of professional learning:

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s): On Monday nights, our whole teaching team comes together from Prep to Year 12 to focus on a common theme. For the first semester our theme is relationships for learning, based on the research of our critical friend Glen Pearsall. In smaller teams we then develop strategies to trial in our classrooms and school community that boost relationships for learning. In the second semester, we will again return to a focus on writing for students. The diagram below shows the process we follow when working in our PLC’s.

  • Learning Area Times / Groups: This learning occurs on a Wednesday night and curriculum teams focus on the skills and knowledge that students need to learn, the most appropriate ways to teach them and then appropriate ways to assess the skills and knowledge. Planning of this type also occurs from Prep to Year 12.
  • Our staff also engage in co-planning. This refers to the ways that staff who teach the same age students, or same year levels work together to meet the needs of the cohort. This style of planning and developing is accepted across the world as one of the most effective ways to learn.

Above all else – at Phoenix we have a continual development of our skills so that we can continue to improve the outcomes of our students. This comes from an absolute belief that every Phoenix student can learn and that every Phoenix student has a right to strive to reach for their hearts desire.

Karen Snibson


– At Phoenix we have a zero-tolerance attitude to violence and aggression of any form to staff and others. We build a thriving community by working positively together to educate our children. –

Sebastopol Campus – Swimming Carnival Results

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1st Albion – 838pts.
2nd Cornish – 607pts.
3rd Bonshaw – 601pts.
4th Picton – 510pts.


Sebastopol Campus – Athletics Carnival Results

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1st Cornish – 1147pts.
2nd Albion – 1142pts.
3rd Bonshaw – 924pts.
4th Picton – 861pts.


National Youth Science Forum

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I was fortunate enough to attend a dinner, on Thursday 17th March, with The Rotary Club of Ballarat South where four of our Year 12 students presented their experiences participating in the NYSF and I was completely blown away!

Isla Edyvane, Rane Cando, Sahashveer Singh and Georgia Hugo all completed applications, submitted resumes, personal bios, and references; and were successful in receiving sponsorship to assist in covering the costs of attending this incredible experience. Despite Covid throwing a spanner in the works and the forum going online, each of our students grasped the opportunity to attend 12 days of online lectures and connect with like-minded young people. Hearing them reflect on what they learnt as they presented to the Rotarians was inspiring. Our students spoke about how the lectures broadened their horizons by introducing them to careers in science they hadn’t ever considered and listening to their enthusiasm as they reflected on their new connections with peers from a range of schools was cool.

The feedback from the Rotary members was resoundingly positive and our students did us proud. I know the parents and students in attendance are very grateful for the support from The Rotary Club of Ballarat South and in particular the support of Allan McKinnon, who organised the sponsorships for each of our students and guided them through the experience.

Well done and amazing work!

Kiya Eberle – Senior School Learning Specialist

Blue Edge Program – Helicopter Visit

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If you live close to Phoenix P-12 Community College you may have been alarmed at the sound of a helicopter over head on Tuesday morning.

There was no emergency unfolding, but rather a wonderful opportunity for the students participating in the Blue Edge Program, along with many others students from the College, to get up close and personal with one of the firefighting aircraft used during our recent bushfire season.

A very big thank you to the team from “McDermott Aviation”, pilot Hamish and Fuel Logistics Manager Dave, and also Commander Wayne Rigg from Fire Services Victoria, who gave of their time to bring along the helicopter, and explain how firefighting from the air supports the fire fighting troops on the ground.

The students had a fabulous time and loved the opportunity to sit inside the helicopter, back and front!!

Eyewatch – Ballarat Police Service Area 


GRIP Leadership Conference

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Our Phoenix student leaders attended this year’s GRIP Leadership Conference on Monday 21st March, where they engaged in a series of workshops that taught them about leading with integrity, working effectively as a team, successful fundraising and generating ideas to raise the standards of leadership at our school. All students demonstrated exemplary Phoenix values and had a lot of laughs both in the audience and on stage. This is an amazing opportunity for our student leaders to meet with peers from other schools and to bring back skills to apply at school.

Myvanwy Jennings – Student Leadership Coordinator

TRP – Week 9 Update

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Phoenix Factor

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Years 7-12 Students


Please complete the following form if you would like to participate in our talent show:

Phoenix Factor Talent Show Form


Gratitude Day

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Years 7-12 Students


Art Gallery Visit

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During Art this week, both 7C1 and 7P1 classes visited The Art Gallery of Ballarat and participated in a guided tour of the collection. At school, the classes will use the experience of physically viewing artworks to create their own artwork about Place inspired by Wathaurong (Wadawurrung) Elder Aunty Marlene Gilson’s 2018 painting Black Swamp, Lake Wendouree.

Ms Julia Newson – Art Teacher

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

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1. Playing a musical Instrument relieves stress.

Researchers studying the benefits of music have reported that playing a musical instrument on a regular basis can help bring down stress. Studies show that playing an instrument helps in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn lowers the stress hormone cortisol, thus making us feel relaxed.

2. Playing a musical instrument makes you smarter.

People who have receives a music education are generally smarter than their non-musical counterparts are. Extensive research done in this area has proved that children who learn to play a musical instrument do better at academics.

3. Playing a musical instrument improves your social life.

Music helps you connect. Learning an instrument enlarges your social circle since you meet more people than you usually would. In children, music can help develop social skills.

4. Playing a musical instrument helps build confidence.

Choosing to take lessons can help build confidence. Once you are aware that you are able to do something well, like play the flute for instance, you naturally become more confident of your skills.

5. Playing a musical instrument teachers patience.

Learning to play an instrument is not something that can happen overnight. It is the daily effort of everyday practice that can help a musician learn how to play without mistakes.

6. Playing a musical instrument fosters creativity.

Learning a musical instrument at any level can improve creativity. Since music education plays on mental, emotional and cognitive abilities, the brain is stimulated to think out of the ordinary, which results in improved creativity.

7. Playing a musical instrument improves memory.

Music and memory go hand in hand. Learning to play a musical instrument makes you use both parts of your brain thus in turn boosts memory power.

8. Playing a musical instrument develops discipline.

Music requires dedication and regular practice. Allotting a specific amount of time to practice music daily develops discipline in the learner. This can prove to be extremely advantageous in children.

9. Playing a musical instrument gives you a sense of achievement.

To be able play a piece music after the effort of practice is very gratifying and the sense of achievement is highlighted.

10. Playing a musical instrument is fun.

Playing a musical instrument can bring back the fun factor in your life. Music has a special quality to bring joy, peace and fulfilment that can help lift the spirit and make life enjoyable for everyone involved.


“When words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Hot Cross Bun Drive

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Dear Phoenix Community,

We are excited to announce that rehearsals are underway for our 2022 Phoenix P-12 Community College Production, The Addams Family Jnr.

Production is a very special time for all involved and it deserves to be remembered forever. This is why this year we have decided to fundraise to help with the cost of the production, in particular the purchase of specially made t-shirts that represents this year’s production.

The hot-cross buns will be purchased from Bakers Delight at a cost of $8.50 per 6-pack in flavours such as Choc-Chip, Apple & Cinnamon and Traditional. Each purchase will result in a reduction in the cost of each shirt.

Just think… freshly made hot-cross right before Easter, lightly toasted with butter dripping from it. Yum!

Please jump onto the QKR App, type Phoenix and click on Hot Cross Buns. Then follow the process. Here is a how-to guide: Qkr-User-Guide

Orders need to be placed before Friday 1st April. No late orders will be excepted. The collection date will be Thursday 7th April at 3pm outside the College Theatre. A COMPASS reminder will be sent out closer to the day.

If you have any enquiries contact us on (03) 5329 3293.

Thank you,

William Matthews, Alex Patterson, Lana Ford and Tahanyth Webster.

Dog Kennels Available to Purchase

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The Academy of Industry students are making dog kennels, similar to these images below, as part of a ‘Managing an Enterprise Project’.

These enclosures would suit a medium to large dog and very sturdy construction. They are made with a DuraGal steel frame base and weather resistant form ply for the front, back and base of kennel. These materials will make the kennels long lasting and very durable.

There are two sizes to choose from:

  • 1200mm wide X 1500mm long X 1000mm high – $450
  • 1200mm wide X 1500mm long X 800mm high – $450

Orders and payments can be made via Eftpos at the General Office.

For any further information about these kennels, please contact Brendan Johnston at the College on 03 5329 3293.

Intersection Upgrade Re-Opening

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Hertford Street open to general traffic re-opens from Monday 28th March

Hertford Street will re-open to general traffic from Monday 28th March, weather permitting, with some interim restrictions in place for traffic movements while crews continue working along Albert Street. Under this interim arrangement, both east and westbound lanes on Hertford Street (between Albert Street and Clarkson Street) will again be open to general traffic.

Motorists will be able to make left-turn movements between Hertford Street and the Albert Street northbound lane, and from Albert Street into Hertford Street. Right turns will not be permitted from Albert Street southbound into Hertford Street westbound, or from Hertford Street eastbound into Albert Street southbound.

This arrangement will remain in place until further notice. We will work with the contractor to reinstate full access and use of the Hertford/Albert intersection as soon as possible, and provide businesses with an update on any future changes, when this is confirmed.

Business access from Hertford Street

Access to businesses from Hertford Street will be reinstated, once Hertford Street is re-opened, via left-turn movements only. This is a permanent arrangement under the design, and necessary due to the installation of the new centre median on Hertford Street.


Detours will remain in place along Rubicon and Sutton streets for traffic seeking to turn right from Albert Street southbound lane into Hertford Street. Detours will remain in place along Spencer and Gray streets for traffic seeking to turn right from Hertford Street into the Albert Street southbound lane.

Next steps

All surrounding businesses can expect to hear from project contractor Seymour Whyte in coming days to explain any additional changes in access or traffic management as crews prepare for future construction activity along Albert Street.


Thanks again to all businesses and operators for their patience during this busy period of construction.

Western Projects


Food Support Ballarat

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Youth Strategy: Youth Sector & Community Conversation

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Reminder that our Youth Sector and Community Conversation is next Wednesday 30 March. Please register your attendance via Eventbrite: 

We also encourage you to please extend the invitation to members of your youth committees/groups of your agency/organisation. Be great to have representation of the young people on these groups/committees on this night and within the development of the youth strategy.

Please also take the time to distribute and complete Youth Strategy surveys that are live on our MySay Page: There are 3 surveys:

  • Youth Survey, for young people aged 12-25 who live, work, study or play within the City of Ballarat.
  • Community Survey, for parents, carers, guardians, elders, volunteers, coaches etc.
  • Youth Sector Survey, for community organisations/agencies, case management, mental health, education etc.


Ride2School Day

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The Y’s ReCranked program celebrates Ride2School Day – bikes to give away!

Learning to ride a bike safely is a skill for life that will provide healthy exercise and transport for years to come.

The Y’s ReCranked program would like to ensure that every child and young person in the wider Ballarat community who needs a bike can have one, not only to participate in Ride2School Day, but for every day. We’re giving away ReCranked bikes to those who may not be able to access one otherwise.

The ReCranked program takes unwanted bikes and refurbishes them for new riders, making them safe and roadworthy.

To find out more or to arrange a bike, contact the Y’s ReCranked Coordinator, Wallace Martin at, on 0460 631 985 or via the website and mention where you heard about ReCranked’s Ride2School bikes.


Basketball Holiday Camp

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Basketball Ballarat are proud to announce that we will be once again running our Adroit Insurance & Risk Junior Holiday Camps which is perfect for the ages of 6-13 of all genders and abilities. The program will run on Wednesday April 20th and Thursday April 21st from 9:00am until 2:00pm at Selkirk Stadium (formally known as BSEC).

Improve your skills, develop techniques, enhance your game, meet new friends, and ultimately have fun! The camps are perfect for children aged between 6 and 13 years catering for the beginner who has never picked up a basketball to an experienced basketball player. For more information about the program please head to


Caring for Carers – Carboni’s

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Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre News

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Neighbourhood Houses welcome people from all walks of life. Our inclusive programs and activities, provide opportunities for community members to enrich their lives through connections they might not otherwise make. The Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre (BNC) is located on the Phoenix College site behind the new basketball stadium in the Ballarat South Community Hub.

Adult Education Class of the Week

BNC is an approved Learn Local provider (pre-accredited learning) offering short (up to 20 hours) courses with small classes (between 6-10 learners) during school terms. All our courses are designed for learners to build confidence and skills, with many catering to learners who have not achieved Year 12 or an equivalent qualification and require support to return education, training or employment.


Introduction to Hospitality (Front of House)

Wednesday 25th May – Friday 24th June 2022

This class provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent to work in a front of house role in a restaurant, hotel, bar or café.

The program aims to develop learner’s employability, customer service and communication skills required for this job role. Learners will gain practical hands-on experience by assisting with the weekly Community Lunches at Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre.

What you will learn: –

  • Table service etiquette
  • Setting a table & napkin folding
  • Greeting and seating guests
  • Making meal recommendations
  • Taking orders by hand
  • Answering customer questions and complaints
  • Taking payments

Activity of the Week

BNC brings people together to connect and participate in our local community through social, educational, recreational and support activities. From our volunteers in the community garden growing food for the Our Kitchen Social Enterprise to our weekly community lunches, we offer a range of services and activities to our community.


Community Lunch

Friday 1st April 2022 @ 12 noon

Enjoy a two-course lunch for $10. Following the lunch there will be a presentation from Vic Roads. This road safety awareness presentation covers information and advice on road rules and the use of mobility devices. It is for those who currently have or are looking to access a motorised mobility device for themselves or someone they support.

You will learn strategies for the devices to be used in a safe and acceptable way with links resources and additional information.



What’s happening?

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria’s Survey

What are the top 5 issues that matter to you most right now?

The network of 1,000 Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres across Australia is mobilising to advocate the views of our communities in time for the Federal Election.

Let’s make our voices heard!

Take part in this super quick survey – it’s completely anonymous and won’t even take two minutes to complete:



BNC Newsletter

We publish a newsletter every term to let our community know what we have planned for the term (only 4 per year). We also occasionally send out a special edition if there is something urgent or of community interest to share. Read the current newsletter here.

If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, you can do so on our website on the bottom of the page:


Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre
11 Tuppen Drive, Sebastopol
Phone: 5329 3273

Alumni News

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Do you know any Alumni that are kicking goals in the real world?

E-mail our Alumni Coordinator, Kirby via




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