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Phoenix News – Issue 7

“In Knowledge there is Opportunity”

Our Phoenix P-12 Community College newsletters are an important form of communication for our school community.

Each newsletter contains a great deal of information about what is happening in and around the College
including upcoming events and celebration of student success.

Read all the latest news in this edition.


Important Dates

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*Due to the current pandemic, please continually check the online newsletter and COMPASS for important information and sudden changes in the College’s timetable.

19th Year 12 VCAL Students Last Day
Students needing to complete redemptions will do so on Wednesday 20th October.
22nd Year 12 VCE Students Last Day
VCE students will finish official classes on Friday 22nd October at 1:30pm. Module 5 will be an opportunity to clean their lockers and/or return equipment and books.
27th VCE Exams Commence
2nd Melbourne Cup (Public Holiday)
8th-12th Year 11 Exams
15th-25th Year 11 Step-Up Program (2 weeks)
A preparatory 2-week program for students entering Year 12 VCE & VCAL in 2022.
17th VCE Exams Conclude
19th *Cancelled – Debutante Ball (Year 12)
20th *Cancelled – Debutante Ball (Year 11)
22nd-26th Year 10 Exams
24th Year 12 Valedictory Assembly and Dinner 
We have rescheduled the Valedictory assembly and dinner to Wednesday 24th November depending on restrictions. Further details will be provided soon.
29th Nov – 2nd Dec Year 10 Step-Up Week
A preparatory week for students entering Year 11 in 2022
29th Nov – 3rd Dec Years 7-9 Assessment Week
30th Presentation Evening
7th Orientation Day (Prep & Year 7)
Orientation is an important part of children’s transition to school. It is an event that orientate children and families to the structure and timetable of their new school in preparation for the following year. Alternative timetable for current Years 7-9 students to accommodate for orientation.
8th Grade 6 Graduation
13th-16th Activity Week
Students can participate in a range of activities throughout the week.
15th Primary Step-Up Program
15th Semester Reports (available via COMPASS)
17th End of Term 4 (Student Free Day)

Student free days will be confirmed throughout the school year. 

Please make sure you continually check our online Newsletter, the College website or COMPASS for updates.


2022 – Term Dates

Term 1: 28th January to 8th April (Staff return 28th January, Students return 31st January)
Term 2: 26th April to 24th June
Term 3: 11th July to 16th September
Term 4: 3rd October to 20th December

Principal’s Message

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Karen Snibson

Pop-up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

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Phoenix P-12 Community College is hosting a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Ballarat South Community Hub, where the local community can get vaccinated.

You can walk in to get vaccinated. No bookings are required. The clinic is providing first and second-dose Pfizer vaccinations. You can get your second-dose Pfizer vaccine at this clinic three weeks after your first.

Ballarat South Community Hub is located at 11 Tuppen Drive, Sebastopol.

The clinic is operating on Sunday 24 October, from 9am – 3:30pm.

The clinic is accessible for people of all abilities.

VCAL Showcase

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The VCAL Showcase is the final assessment for our senior students and an opportunity for our young people to reflect on their journey through life and school before they move into the world beyond secondary education.

Students presented their 10 minute presentations outlining their challenges, achievements and goals and what an incredible way to end their two years in senior school. We were blown away by the quality of presentations, the moving stories and achievements and inspired by our students’ goals for their career and lives.

We wish all of our senior students the best in the future!

Kiya Eberle and Maree Hall



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Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.

Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

Let’s see what our students are grateful for….

Alumni News

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We couldn’t be more proud of our Phoenix Alumni!

This week we would like to share Tiana’s story with the Phoenix Community, what an inspiring young woman! We love the advice she would give to our current students!


Tiana Noether – Class of 2014

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Tiana graduated in 2014 and thought she wanted to be a Physiotherapist, but in the second year of her degree she realised that she wanted to pursue a career in Exercise Physiology.

Since finishing school, she has completed three higher education degrees, built her own home with her high school sweetheart and now husband.

Tiana studied at Federation University and is now employed full-time at Ballarat Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation Centre and Beaufort and Skipton Health Service.

She really values the time that she spent at Phoenix as it prepared her with the necessary education and support structures she needed to enter tertiary education, as well as the tools to maintain dedication to her studies.

One piece of advice is to enjoy every moment of your school life and don’t take anything for granted; work hard but maintain a good balance.




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