At Phoenix P-12 Community College we respect and celebrate the fact that every student is an individual. We aim to provide a healthy, supportive and secure environment for all students as we know that student wellbeing is a critical factor in delivering student learning and achievement.

All students at Phoenix P-12 Community College participate in a Respectful Relationship Education through The Resilience Project as well as a range of workshops, guest presenters and the weekly Pastoral Care Program, which aims to teach students how:

  • To build resilience.
  • To secure respectful relationships.
  • To develop strategies to reduce vulnerabilities.
  • To build student, school and community connectedness.
  • To increase coping skills.
  • To equip them for the workplace.
  • To prepare them for becoming an active global citizen.

Students are also assigned to a Village Manager. The Village Managers are responsible for overseeing the welfare of a group of students and referring students when required for further assistance to an appropriate member of Student Services.

The Student Services team consists of:

Learning Support Team

This team works to assess students’ educational needs and provide in-class assistance for funded students.

Wellbeing Team

This team works with students to assess and provide support and health promotion for students’ Wellbeing. This team incorporates:

  • Adolescent Health Nurse
  • Health Promotion Secondary School Nurse
  • Social Workers
  • Therapy Assistants
  • Family Support Worker
  • Mental Health Practitioner

Through the Student Services staff, students may also be referred to an appropriate local service provider, or to an Phoenix intervention program provided here at school. These include:

Within the school to support cultural support and diversity are a range of student lead clubs and committees:

  • Phoenix Pride Group
  • Koorie Representation Group
  • The Mustard Group

Support services available for parents:

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