Wellbeing and Engagement is the component of the College whose primary task is to promote student wellbeing across the College.

College Connections

The College believes that our community partners are an invaluable resource. We regularly work closely with:

  • The Smith Family
  • Uniting
  • Headspace
  • Federation University
  • Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative
  • Ballarat Community Health
  • Centacare
  • CAFS
  • Lookout Education Centre
  • Centre for Multicultural Youth
  • AIME tutoring
  • CASA
  • ZAQUE @ Headspace
  • Hilltop Church
  • Nurture Australia
  • Bobbi Cook Behaviour Management
  • YMCA

For any individual inquiries please contact any member of the Wellbeing and Engagement Team on (03) 5329 3293.